Police beat: class disruption, stolen skateboard, and a missing passport

Alex Bowman, Police Reporter

Pregnant woman disrupts class

On Sep. 19, a UNFPD officer was sent to building 51 in reference to a pregnant woman disrupting a computer lab.

The officer met with the professor of the class who said that previously, on Sep. 10, there was a woman in her class who wasn’t one of her students. The professor asked the woman to leave the computer lab, but she became irate and refused to leave. When the woman refused to leave, the professor asked her for her name, which she refused to give. Eventually, the woman left roughly half an hour later.

On the following Tuesday, the woman was in the lab again. This time, she told the professor she’s in the class that met prior. The professor asked for her name, but again, she refused to give the information. This time however, the woman said if they wanted her name, the professor would have to talk to the woman’s professor. The woman continued to be irate and eventually left.

On Sep. 19, a student told the officer the woman was in the class yet again but had left and headed upstairs to the second floor via the elevator. After hearing this, the officer and the professor headed upstairs to try to find her. They located the woman working in a study room on the second floor, and the officer went to talk to her.

When the officer began to ask her questions, the woman told the officer she was 6 months pregnant and that it takes her longer than other students to pack up her things. She continued to explain that her emotions were crazy due to hormonal change and when the professor had asked her to leave, she felt trapped and that’s what caused her to be snappy and rude to the professor. Following her explanation, she apologized and said she understood how she had disrupted the class.

Stolen skateboard

On Sep. 19, a young woman’s favorite skateboard was stolen.

A UNFPD officer met with the victim, who said she had been on campus at building 50 where she left her skateboard outside the building while she attended class. Approximately an hour later, she returned to find her skateboard missing. 

The skateboard is a Sector Nine “cruiser” with a bamboo deck and blue wheels. The victim explained to the officer she had owned that particular skateboard since she was 9 years old. Not only was her skateboard stolen, but the skateboard that was stolen was one of sentimental value.

Missing passport

On Sep. 16, a man lost his U.S. passport, so if you come across a passport, turn it into UNFPD as soon as possible.


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