Halloween costume safety: Tips and tricks

Jessica Volz, Intern reporter

Maybe you’ve already purchased your costume for Halloween, or perhaps you’re still undecided on the whole getup. Nevertheless, costume safety tips can help ward off unforeseen dangers. The National Safety Council and the American Academy Pediatrics have a list of safety tips for everyone.

 The visibility of a costume is significant for both the person dressing up, and any potential passersby. Whether you’re trick-or-treating from house to house, walking into a club or crossing the street to get to a house party, be detectable.

 Adolescents are at more than double the risk of getting struck and killed by a vehicle on Halloween than any other day of the year, according to the Safe Kids Worldwide Organization

 In 2017, October ranked second on the list for most dangerous month of the year for motor vehicle deaths, according to the National Safety Council

 Halloween “goers” need to ensure costumes are the proper size. A costume that is oversized or lengthy has the potential to get caught on a bush, get shut-in a car door, cause you to trip or even catch on fire. Ensure that all costumes and accessories are tagged fire-resistant to avoid unforeseen possibilities.

 Avoid ensembles that include obstructing vision, such as a mask. If you choose to ditch the face covering and go for makeup, be sure it is nontoxic. Before you use makeup, test the cosmetic products in a small area on the skin. When the night is over, remember to remove makeup to prevent irritation.


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