Spinnaker Spoilercasts: Zombieland Double Tap

After 10 years of anticipation, the sequel to Zombieland was finally released. The film featured the original cast with some surprising twists and new characters. Here’s what Spinnaker TV’s cast of Spoilercast had to say about the film.

“Double Tap exceeded my expectations and was one of the best movies I have watched all year. Whether it be a gory zombie killing cinematic sequence or an oddly charming love story, the movie surely had something for everyone. I had not seen the first Zombieland movie, but honestly I thought they provided a good recap throughout the film, and I was glad that it wasn’t a major part of the movie. Films like Avengers and Terminator are great and all, but Zombieland: Double Tap is a movie many can appreciate and respect,” – John Watson, TV News Director.

“Killing zombies is fun again. Zombie movies mostly fall into one of two categories: stupidly serious, or laughably terrible. When they are funny, it’s often for the wrong reasons: the effects look bad, the plot doesn’t make sense (or exist), or the performances are terrible. There have only been a handful of comedy movies about brain-eating creatures that don’t make you feel like yours is being eaten. 2009’s Zombieland was praised for being one of the latter films and the 2019 sequel has reaffirmed that. Most of the talent, on-screen and off, returned for Double Tap, including the director, writers, and four main leads, along with the level of quality long-time fans had hoped for. But you don’t need to see the first film to enjoy this one. The main plot focuses on relationships between characters most moviegoers have witnessed or experienced in their own lives. Still, returning fans will be rewarded with blink-and-you-miss-it references and an extremely rewarding mid-credits cameo,” – Morgan Holbrook, Copy Editor.

“I’ve never watched something so gory but so funny at the same time. I missed out on watching the first movie, but seeing this makes me want to go back. The dynamic between the cast is undeniable. Jesse Eisenberg and Woody Harrelson are the dynamic duo in this movie. Zoey Deutch’s performance as Madison is outstanding. She brought a whole other level of comedy to the film that made it more endearing. One big take away from this film is the cinematography. The battle scenes were shot beautifully and the editing was executed with such detail. All in all, this is one of the top movies of 2019. Definitely seeing some Oscar nominations for the future,” – Aisling Glocke, Station Manager.


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