Bicyclist and pedestrian collide, rescue called

Courtney Green, News Editor

A bicyclist and pedestrian collided around 5 p.m. near the Green and Lot 2.

One of the individuals involved received a very minor road rash, according to a University statement. As a result, rescue was called as a precaution.

Both are UNF students.

In the past, the Florida Department of Transportation funded UNF’s Institute of Police Technology and Management for a project designed to increase pedestrian and bicyclist safety. At the time, Chief Mackesy of the UPD was quoted as saying that, despite UNF’s relative safety for biking, skateboarding, and pedestrian walking, “we do have, from time to time, incidents that occur.” This appears to be one of those incidents.

Wherever you’re swooping to and however you’re swooping, stay safe, Ospreys.


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