UNF PR Director mysteriously leaves

Miller Mott, Weather Anchor

Director of Public Relations Joanna Norris has departed UNF, although it is unclear why. As early as Wednesday, October 23, emails would not go through to her UNF email, and her contact information was removed from UNF’s website. 

There is no resignation letter in her employee file.

When reached for comment, Public Relations Acting Director Amanda Ennis stated: “The University doesn’t discuss personal matters.” 

Although we’re not sure why Norris stopped working for the University, Spinnaker found that Norris scored in the mid-to-high range in the category of “leadership skills” on an employee evaluation in 2018; Norris agreed with her overall evaluation, but felt that she “exceeded expectations in leadership.”

Joanna Norris has been the Director of Public Relations since December of 2013. However, she has been at UNF since 2005 where she worked as Assistant PR Director until 2010, then Associate PR director from 2010 to 2013.

According to Ennis, she will be filling Norris’ position while the University performs a nationwide job search for a new director.

UNF’s PR department aims to “raise UNF’s public profile,” according to their site. They actively publish press releases on events and information relevant to UNF and the local community, including the University’s rankings. 


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