You are what you eat: five Town Center restaurants hit with health inspection violations

Jessica Volz, Intern Reporter

The Florida Department of Health issued five restaurants at the St. Johns Town Center high priority violations during health inspections. The elaborate shopping center provides a selection of over a dozen types of cuisine options, from fast food to fine dining.

One side of UNF’s campus opens directly onto the outskirts of the shopping and dining area. Its location provides convenient accessibility allowing students to frequent options in a pinch, on the go, or a special occasion.

How often do students consider a restaurant’s health score before choosing to eat at the establishment? Discussions of what style food people are in the mood for or comparing prices from one restaurant to another is often used to narrow down dining options. 

Cameron Rogers, a UNF student, said she doesn’t consider health scores but, “I use my own judgment as far as cleanliness goes, I’ll leave a place if it seems dirty or if the food seems questionable.”

Duval county conducts two routine inspections where a member of the FDH evaluates a food service establishment’s compliance to the health code. Additional inspections occur when a customer complaint is submitted, or a necessary follow-up inspection is required.

U.S. Food and Drug Administration’s health food code identifies high priority violations relating to foodborne illness or injury. Intermediate priority violations can be a threat, and if left unmanaged has the potential to enable foodborne illness or injury. Basic violations pertain to what classifies as using “best practices,” according to the Department of Business and professional regulation. 

For more in depth  information regarding each establishment’s cited violations, click on the appropriate restaurant  below: 

Bento Café | 4860 Big Island Drive

10/30/2019 | Result: follow up inspection required

8 total violations | 6 high Priority | 2 intermediate

11/01/2019 | Result: follow-up inspection required

4 total violations | 3 high priority | 1 intermediate


Cantina Laredo | 10282 Bistro Drive

11/02/2019 | Result: follow-up inspection required

10 violations total | 6 high priority | 2 intermediate | 2 basic violations

11/13/2019 | Met inspections standards

1 Basic violation


M shack |10281 Midtown Parkway, Ste 101

10/28/2019 | Result: follow-up required

10 total violations | 4 high priority | 2 intermediate priority | 2 basic priority 

10/30/2019 | Met inspections standards

2 total violations | 1 high priority| 1 intermediate priority


 Pollo Tropical  | 4863 Gate Parkway

10/30/2019 | Result follow-up inspection required

10 total violations | 6 high priority | 2 intermediate priority | 2 basic priority

11/01/2019 | Met inspections standards

1 total violation | 1 basic violation

11/07/2019 | Result: Met inspections standards

1 total violation | 1 intermediate priority 


Moxie Kitchen & Cocktails  | 4973 Big Island Drive

11/01/2019 | Result follow up inspection required

14 total violations | 6 high priority | 2 intermediate priority | 6 basic priority

11/08/2019 | Met inspections standards

2 total violations | 2 basic priority

To check other inspection results, click here and search license by name. Provide the name of the restaurant under  the “organization/establishment” section.


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