UNF professor creates books about children with superpowers

Video by Kaitlyn Bowers

Kaitlyn Bowers, Video Director

A psychology professor at UNF is using books to help show children with disabilities that they can be superheroes, too. 

Dr. Tracy Alloway, an upper level course professor, has a series titled SEN Superpowers that portrays childrens’ disabilities as superpowers. There are currently four books in the series, with topics including ADHD, anxiety, autism and dyslexia.

“My goal is to give these children a voice and help them see that these are not just weaknesses, but that they’re incredible superpowers,” said Dr. Alloway.

The books are all around 20 pages long and feature illustrations by Ana Sanfelippo

Something Dr. Alloway enjoys seeing are the reactions of children when they see themselves portrayed in books.  

“I’ve had a chance in the last few months to go into different schools and do some book readings and it has just been fantastic seeing the children’ eyes light up when they identify with the character’s weaknesses, but then also see what kinds of strengths that they have,” said Dr. Alloway.

Dr. Alloway and her publishing team have plans to release four more books in the series. You can find the books she has published here.

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