Dean of Students speaks ahead of Day of Remembrance for Abigail Bryant

Erik Feliciano, General Assignment Reporter

Dean of Students Dr. Andrea Adams-Manning has announced that on Friday, February 7 at the Osprey Fountains Residence Hall, 2nd Floor Multipurpose Room from 9 -10:30 a.m., there will be a special remembrance and counselling in honor of Abigail Bryant as well as others who have passed away.

“We are going to make space for anyone who feels impacted by this loss, or any other loss you have experienced, to gather for an intentional moment to honor those feelings. This is not a specific religious service, but more a cultural remembering that we are all mortal and interconnected,” Dr. Andrea Adams-Manning said.

In an interview, Dr. Andrea Adams-Manning had a few more things to say. 

“The event is an opportunity for us to bring the community together to really kind of cultivate this community of care.”

She also brought up the Supporting Our Students (SOS), which is a program offered by the Dean of Students that helps students in need.

“If students do recognize that another student is in need — anything from ‘I’ve noticed a change in their behavior, or I’ve noticed they’ve stopped showering, or the haven’t come out of their room, or they are living in their car, or their indicating that they’re not eating, or they are struggling in their classes’ — whatever it is that a friend confides in you, there might be someone out there that can help you make the SOS Referral.”

For students who worry that making an SOS Referral might be like tattling on their friend, Dr. Andrea Adams-Manning wants to assure students that it wouldn’t mean that student is in trouble.

“We’re not getting the student in trouble whatsoever. What you’re doing is letting us know that person needs some help and we will try to find the best way to intervene. If the person wants to remain anonymous that’s fine, we’ll figure out a way to intervene and introduce ourselves into that student’s life and it could be covert or it could be a cold call from the Dean of Students office.” 

If there is ever a student in need, help is always available, and the Counseling Center is always there to help.

“Come as you are and when you leave, know that you are not alone.” 

According to the email, counselors will be available to anyone who would like to talk to someone in private. The facilitator will be Dr. Carlene Taylor, CMHC Faculty Member and Osprey PERCH Coordinator.

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