Kaplan survey suggests increase in law school applicants has to do with the current political climate

Courtney Green, News Editor

A recent Kaplan Test Prep survey suggests that this past admission cycle has seen a 3.3% increase in law school applicants due to the current political climate.

The survey asked admissions officers at 100 law schools throughout the United States if they thought the current political climate was a significant factor in the increase of applicants; 84% indicated they believed it to be a significant factor. Included in the 84%, a segment of 26% answered that they believed the current political climate to be a “very significant factor.”

This isn’t the first time Kaplan has asked these questions. In 2018, a similar 87% said the political climate saw a 9% increase in applications.

A separate Kaplan survey asked 400 pre-law students themselves is current politics were a leading factor. 41% claimed that the political climate impacted their decision to apply to law school, and while this number is down from 45% in 2019, it is still an increase from 32% in 2018.

According to Kaplan’s data, around 71 UNF students applied for law school in 2018.

Kaplan is a test preparation provider for college entrance exams such as the GRE, LSAT, GMAT, SAT, ACT, MCAT and others. They preform surveys with universities and students often to stay connected to issues important to academics.

UNF’s own Pre-Law Program has about 380 students currently. According to Dr. Adrienne Lerner, Pre-Law Program director, the program has seen an increase in interest among Freshmen and Sophomores in the past year.

When asked what Dr. Lerner wants people to know about UNF’s Pre-Law Program, she answered with vital information about the program is, an invitation to workshops, and some advice about the Law School Admissions Test (LSAT).

“The Pre-Law Program is not a major or a minor. Program events, workshops, internships, and on-campus law school interviews are open to all UNF students interested in legal careers.  UNF alumni are also welcome to join our workshops. We hold evening office hours for each fall semester — during application season–for UNF alumni applying to law school,” she said.

“The LSAT is a critical part of all law school applications. Start studying early.  Most students find the test more difficult than they anticipated. We have free resources on campus to help students prepare.”

To enroll in UNF Pre-Law, contact [email protected] or enroll in their Canvas group: https://canvas.unf.edu/enroll/CPJPYY

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