UNF students react to Oz Fest headliner being Gunna

Emily Echevarria, Student Government Reporter

The announcement of Gunna as the headliner of OZ Fest has been met with mixed reactions. Several people commented on Spinnaker’s Facebook post that they were unaware of who the rapper was. Many thought the amount he was paid in order for him to perform at UNF was too extravagant but when Spinnaker took to campus to find out how students felt, the reactions were quite different.

One user commented, “Never even heard of him,” while another said, “I have literally never heard of this man.”

Gunna was paid $125,000 by Student Government to perform for 60 minutes, funded by the Activity and Service Fee. When Gunna performed at USF in September 2019, he was only paid $75,000 according to the USF Oracle, as one Facebook user pointed out.


Oz Fest will be held on Friday Feb. 21 in Lot 18, starting at 5 pm.