SPONSORED: Know your (squatter’s) rights


We all know how stressful finding the right roommates and your home away from home can be, especially when you live on campus and have to juggle classwork. Well students, fear not!

The University of North Florida Housing and Residence Life’s squatter’s rights will help you reserve your current space for the upcoming year. Returning Ospreys who reside in an upperclassmen room on campus can assign themselves back into the exact same bedroom for the next contract year. 

How does it work? 

With squatter’s rights, returning students can skip the stress of having to find a new room or roommate pairing by participating in UNF Housing’s room selection squatter phase. Whether you’re planning on keeping your current roommates or bringing new friends into your current assignment (pending your current roommates don’t plan to squat as well), your squatter’s rights have you covered. One UNF student told Spinnaker about his own experience with squatter’s rights.

“Knowing the option is there for me to get my old room back is a huge relief,” said UNF student Drew McDonald. “I’m not from Jacksonville, so not having to stress over finding a new room to move into would save me a lot of time and worry.”

“We understand the stress students can go through, especially transitioning from each

semester,” said new Assistant Director of Housing Operations, Kyle Patterson. “The option we provide here at UNF for squatter’s rights is unique and really can make the room selection process stress free for our students.”

Returning students interested in living on campus can keep a lookout for their time ticket via the MyHousing portal and their MyWings email. The deadline to submit a Housing Contract is March 6th. 

Visit the Housing and Residence Life’s website for more information on squatter’s rights.

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