SG looks closer at One-Stop

Emily Echevarria, Government Reporter

In a University and Student Affairs Committee on Friday, Senators joked about the irony in the name One-Stop– you always have to go more than once. 


The USA Committee decided to focus this semester’s Roundtable survey on problems students encounter at One-Stop, the university’s hub for admissions and financial aid. The topic was proposed by Kristen Ballard, Chairwomen of the Government Oversight Committee. 

The survey specifically targets how students access One-Stop and the lengthy wait times that have been reported. Questions will ask how long it takes for a response by email, how long students are on hold on the phone, and how long it takes for someone to meet with them in person. 

Senator Nathaniel Rodefer called it the, “dreaded on-hold with One-Stop.”

Ironically, no one from One-Stop responded to Chairwoman Kayla Doughtery when she reached out to them regarding the new survey. 

The committee also wanted to investigate the differences in wait times throughout the semester. The survey will ask if students mainly use One-Stop during the first month of the semester, during the middle of the semester, or during the last month of the semester.

“I feel like, during the surge times, you’re going to get a lot more negative responses, and it would probably be helpful to know if it’s truly an overcrowding  thing or if it’s no matter when you go, even during non-busy times,” said Student Advocate Kylie Feierstein.  

Senators also shared snippets of their own frustrating experiences with One-Stop. 

“In my experience, when I have to go for FAFSA verification, I have to visit at least 5 times because they keep telling me to come back with something else, and I guess that would be a communication issue with how well they’re responding to your issues,” commented Senator Mina Masody. “It’s just frustrating.”

Senators discussed the logistics of One-Stop and how they might factor into student frustrations.

“A better online directory would reduce the demand and wait times,” commented Masody. The survey will ask students how satisfied they are with One-Stop’s website and various online resources. 

 Senators also considered the location of One-Stop in Hicks Hall. 

“Would it be easier to deal with if it was closer? Is location a factor?”asked Senator Jesse Huffman.

“I think that would definitely be an easy yes/no question. Obviously it’s not convenient, but we can’t really move it,” Vice-Chair Emily Jeffries responded.

The survey will also include space for written responses for students to elaborate on their One-Stop experiences. 

“I’m sure that this will be more of an experienced-based survey,” said Chairwoman Kayla Doughtery. 

The Roundtable survey will be conducted from March 10-11. Student Government will be tabling at the library and during Market Days with the survey. 

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