April Fool’s Day pranks to pull on your family while in quarantine

Darvin Nelson, Features Editor

Bored at home with your annoying siblings? March is over and April Fool’s Day is here, an annual tradition of pranks, fun, and feeling like an evil  mastermind. Here are some safe ways to mix up your quarantine days: 

Tape the TV remote sensor: Place a piece of tape on the television remote sensor. The remote will stop working and your family members will be confused, especially if they’re not tech-savvy. 

Switch mayo with pudding: Take a jar of mayonnaise and empty it out. After cleaning it, put vanilla pudding in the jar and pretend to eat it. This one will definitely freak out your parents. 

Colored powder fun: Mix flour and a food coloring of your choice. Let it dry, then grind it up. Now you have a beautiful assortment of colored powders to prank your siblings with.

Tape cast ghost scare: Grab some clear tape and make a cast of your arms, legs, and torso, then grab a friend to help you make one of your head. Attach all the parts together, throw a creepy cover over it, and hang the figure by a string anywhere in the dark. This one takes work, but it’ll be worth it to scare the night owls right back to sleep. 

Swap your family’s photos: Take some family photos around the house and gradually replace them with pictures of pretty much anything else. Pictures of Kermit the Frog, blobfish, or even Shia LaBeouf are a few comedic replacements that’ll leave your visiting grandma raising an eyebrow.

Worm dessert: Mix cocoa and gelatin, then pour them into a few standing plastic straws. As the gelatin sets, take some chocolate muffins, or oreo cookies and crumble them into a bowl. After you squeeze the brown gelatin in the bowl too, you’ll have yourself a delicious treat to eat in front of your parents. 

Glue a quarter to a sidewalk: Take some superglue and glue a quarter to the sidewalk. Once someone tries to pick it up, they’ll leave in frustration or have a good laugh.

Mento/coke surprise: Get a single mento and thread some clear floss through the middle. Place the mento with thread on the top of an open bottle of coca cola and screw the top back on with the floss hanging from the edges. The mento should be floating in place, just over the liquid. Cut off the extra floss, after the bottle is sealed and the string is secure. Offer the drink to a friend, and once they open it, the mento will fall out of place and into the soda. 

Garbage bag scare: Cut out the bottom of a trash bag, then hide inside it in the hallway or someone’s bedroom. Make sure you tie the top to make it look like a full garbage bag. Someone will see the bag and try to pick it up, only for you to pop out and scare them.

Juice steam iron: Remove the water from your iron and replace it with colored juice. When your family member is ironing, they’ll use the steam feature and be frightened at the new color of their shirt.

Mixing Skittles and M&Ms: Simply mix skittles and M&Ms in the same bowl and place them where people can enjoy. This one will for sure confuse guests. 

Brown “E”: Tell the whole family that you’re making brownies. After they’re all excited, take some brown paper and cut out some letter Es. Place the Es on a pan and present them to your family. Bon Appetit.

Mousetrap madness: Carefully lean a mousetrap behind a cabinet door. Once the door is opened again, the sensitive trap will immediately react, and your victim will be startled.  This ones good if your brother keeps taking all the cookies from the snack cabinet.

Flour in hair blow dryer: This classic tick is simple. Just take some flour and pour it in the hair blow dryer. The next person to use it will be left with a very avant garde hair-do. 

 Lock on glasses: Have a grandpa or old aunt with a sense of humor who wears reading glasses? Take a pair of glasses and simply put a padlock on them. The boomer won’t know what hit them.

Replace Oreo cream with toothpaste: Simply remove the cream from an oreo and replace it with white toothpaste. The oreo will look normal, only now there’s a minty surprise for your victim. Make as many as you want and offer them to a few friends, especially if they have stinky breath. 

Don’t be a fool. Please stay safe and sanitary, and remember to avoid using scare pranks on babies, the elderly, or people with heart-related or respiratory problems.


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