Drafting UNF’s first dodgeball team

Drew McDonald, Sports Editor

Featured image courtesy of: MCAS Beaufort

Since there are no sports happening right now due to the COVID-19 pandemic, this is a projection of which UNF student-athletes would make the perfect dodgeball team if the sport ever went Division I. 

  1. Eddie Miller, reliever for UNF Baseball: One of the most dominant pitchers out of the bullpen in the ASUN, Miller is the main flamethrower for the team. Also, if the senior can add some english to the ball and some back foot slider movement, his firepower will be lethal. 
  2. Padraic Gilley, goalkeeper for UNF Men’s Soccer: The balls are flying throughout a dodgeball match and there needs to be someone nominated to be the stone wall. Enter Gilley, the junior had a .710 save percentage including six saves against JU last year. 
  3. Josh Endicott, forward for UNF Men’s Basketball: Any player with a combination of athleticism and solid throwing ability is an asset to a dodgeball team. Endicott began his college career as a pitcher at Cincinnati, where his fastball could reach 89 miles per hour. With his elevation on the court and firepower, Endicott will be a multi-dimensional player.
  4. Morgan Clausen, pitcher for UNF Softball: Clausen was a must-add for this team because she threw a perfect game this season against Stony Brook and the underhand delivery of softball pitching will give the opponents difficulty timing her throw.
  5.  Rob Leverone, runner for UNF Cross Country/Track & Field: Highly regarded by his teammates as being one of the best athletes on the team, Leverone can hold his own whether it’s football, basketball or dusting opponents in races. With that athletic ability, Leverone adds depth to this stacked roster.
  6. Janesha Green, guard for UNF Women’s Basketball: By leading her team with 97 assists, it’s clear that Green has good court vision. This last addition to the starting lineup gives the team a boost in accuracy and Green will help communicate who the team should target and the best strategies throughout the match.
    Darvin Nelson
    Janesha Green led her team with 97 assists last season


  1. Austin Hurwitz, catcher for UNF Baseball: There has to be depth on the defensive side and that’s why Hurwitz was chosen. The catcher had a perfect fielding percentage this year and caught six players trying to steal a base. Hurwitz provides a good arm with solid defense and will make an impact when needed. 
  2. Solimar Cestero, outside hitter for UNF Volleyball: Cestero was chosen to add more firepower on the attack after leading the team with 424 kills last season. 
  3. Logan Clayton, pitcher for UNF Baseball: The sophomore bolsters the flamethrower portion of the team. Along with his fastball, Clayton’s changeup could catch the opponents off guard if they aren’t paying attention. 
    If dodgeball ever becomes a Division I sport, this team of flamethrowers, stone wall defenders and cerebral threats should conquer over all opponents.


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