Egg-cellent ways to celebrate Easter in quarantine

Darvin Nelson, Features Editor

COVID-19 has led to the cancellation of many events and gatherings, so you may have had to cancel the annual Easter egg hunt for social distancing purposes. Easter may be different this year, but Spinnaker has a few ideas for you to try if you’re looking to have fun in your home next Sunday. 

Family Photo: If you’re trapped in the house with your family, lighten the mood by getting your relatives to dress up nicely and take a family photo. Now you can start a historic archive of your days during COVID-19 quarantine.

Egg-Decorating: Real eggs may be difficult to find at local stores, but you can decorate styrofoam or plastic eggs just as well with markers, paint, or stickers. Plastic and styrofoam eggs can be found in online stores. 

YouTube D.I.Y.: There are many fun D.I.Y activities to do on YouTube. With crafts that range from making stuffed bunnies to making glowing eggs, you’ll never get bored.

In-House Egg Hunt: Place candy inside hollow plastic eggs and hide them around the house. Hide something extra special in one of the eggs and urge your little siblings to find them. If the plastic eggs are recyclable, remember to recycle them after their use.

Brunch Feast: Explore many delicious dishes from Bon Appetit’s list of over 40 Easter Brunch recipes. Learn to cook fancy frittatas, casseroles, quiches, or prepare more simple dishes like buttermilk pancakes and eggs benedict.

Baking Potluck: If you have a sweet tooth, scout through Bon Appetit’s list of easy dessert recipes. Grab your family or whoever you’re quarantined with and put them to work. Make as many as you can, and enjoy your creations. You can even make it a competition.

You may not be hunting for pastel colored eggs in lavish meadows, and playing egg-toss in the sunshine with the entire family, but this could be a good distraction from the long boring days of quarantine. 


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