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Brett Nweeia, Videographer

The newest issue of The UNF Talon Review was published April 11.

The UNF Talon Review started in 2012 and is an inspiration for many young writers to come together for creative writing workshops and publish their work. According to Talon reviews website, “Talon remains focused on continuing its legacy of spotlighting the voices of students and alums of the University of North Florida, while expanding its scope to include writers and artists of all kinds, from all places. Volume 2 will continue to read submissions from all over the world to showcase in our unique, eclectic journals.”

Spinnaker interviewed Christina DeAngelis, the Editor-In-Chief of Talon Review, on their newest issue, “First Light,” challenges in publication this semester, and how students can publish in future publications.  

Is there anything you are most excited about with this edition?

“I’m really proud of the decisions we’ve made as a team in regards to selecting pieces to feature because I think they complement each other perfectly.”

What are you most proud of in the work you’ve been doing?

“Seth, Jess, the team and I collaborated with Mark Ari to make Talon Review an official class students can take. Ari is teaching this course starting in the fall, where the new staff will consist of students taking the class. It has been a struggle for the team to get together due to conflicting schedules, and this class will allow the staff to get together twice a week to promote Talon Review and expand its pre-existing boundaries. Us editors of “First Light” are putting together a syllabus for the class that will be modified and utilized for the future Talon Review classes. This course is currently full and has a wait list, but I encourage students to reach out to Mark Ari directly for more information. I think this is an imperative contribution to the UNF creative arts community that we are able to continue this legacy after we this semester and end this chapter of our lives.”

What is the process for selecting stories?

“Seth printed out hundreds of submissions we received from around the world and categorized them. Everyone on staff got together at my apartment on a Sunday in early January. We read through the submissions and initiated yes no maybe at the end of the pieces. We had a second round of readings to narrow the selection down further to just a handful of pieces. Then, taking what we had left, we figured out which pieces matched up with each other.”

Were there any struggles with this publication and how did you overcome them?

“The main thing we struggled with was getting the team together since we are all on different schedules. We also have lenient deadlines which made the process take longer than expected”.

How can someone get their work published in future Talon Reviews?

“Anyone can submit their work to [email protected] while adhering to the guidelines listed on our website.”

 Any parting words or thoughts?

“I had a blast working on Talon Review: First Light and I am very grateful for the opportunity. I look forward to see what Mark Ari’s students produce for future editions of Talon Review.”

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