Resident Evil Resistance review

Erik Feliciano, General Assignment Reporter

Courtesy of Capcom.

Resident Evil Resistance takes the gameplay mechanics of the mainline series, and adds to the challenge, while also granting a great multiplayer experience.

In the game, you get a choice to either control the mastermind or a survivor. Being a mastermind grants you the ability to mess with the survivors and make escaping difficult for them. As the mastermind you’ll plant traps all over the map as well as place zombies across the map to continuously berate the survivors. As the mastermind, you also gain the ability to take control of one of your monsters that are directly going after a survivor.

Courtesy of Resident Evil.

As a survivor, your job is to work together with your fellow survivors by solving puzzles, disarming traps, and killing monsters and zombies, while trying to escape whichever facility you are in before time runs out. Certain survivors have certain skills to help fend off the mastermind, such as an EMP to blind cameras, or medical spray to heal wounds. These skills make it a little easier to win against the mastermind, but only a litte.

Courtesy of Resident Evil.


Resident Evil Resistance, while not something that is fun alone, can be played with a group of friends or family that are willing to go out on a spooky adventure with you and have a really fun time. Escape if you can.

Resident Evil Resistance is currently available for Xbox One, Playstation 4, as well as Windows PC. Currently, the only way to get access to Resistance is to purchase Resident Evil 3.


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