ASUN taking steps to ensure student-athletes get to the polls

John Watson, Sports Editor

Election day is coming up soon and student-athletes in the ASUN conference will now get the day off according to the recent adoption of a new policy.

The ASUN Student Athlete-Advisory Committee (SAAC) introduced the new policy on tuesday which will require a mandatory day of no practice, travel or competition on the Presidential and Midterm election day in November. This policy also included a registration campaign which includes voter educational training and also scheduling times for student-athletes to travel to and from polling stations.

The ASUN has said they partnered with the non-profit organization Democracy Works to make this policy possible. Their easy-to-use registration website looks to register at least 500 student-athletes according to a statement from the ASUN.

This new initiative plans to give student-athletes an opportunity to make their voices heard during a time when their schedules may not let them out. While the fall season is still scheduled to be held, student-athletes will not have to worry about scheduling issues on election day with this new policy.

Election day in 2020 is on Tuesday, November 3rd.


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