UNF has a golf course? An on-campus activity unlike many others

John Watson, Sports Editor

Eagle putts, 300-yard drives and beautiful scenery are just some of the things you’re able to accomplish when you step foot into UNF’s own golf complex on-campus.

The UNF golf complex is back open for use and remains one of the most unique and coolest features of our Jacksonville campus. The 38-acre facility is home to a lighted driving range with power mats and regular mats, a lighted putting and chipping area and four holes of normal golf. With challenging features such as water hazards, deep bunkers and heavy vegetation, it is by no means an easy course.

The Hayt Golf Learning Center opened in 2002 and according to the complex’s website is regarded as “one of the finest on-campus golf practice facilities in the nation.” Over the years, the course and facilities have proved beneficial to Osprey golfers as the men’s and women’s teams have played consistently stellar golf.


What do the four holes look like?

Hole 1

Hole number one at the UNF golf course is a good ole fashioned par three that features a narrow landing area and carries a good amount of yardage for a starting hole. While you will not need to break out the driver for this one, a nice smooth 7-iron would be able to reach the green for most from the blue tees (168 yards). 


Hole 2

After a scenic walk through the endless jungle of UNF’s nature preserve, you arrive at yet another par three, but this time you’ve got a nice little down-slope and a tricky green. If you get too much club behind the ball, you won’t be able to find your next shot in the immediate drop-off to vegetation behind the green. An 8 or 9-iron would be beneficial here as they both give you a good chance of hitting the green.

Here is an inside look at how I played hole number two as I visited the course just a few days ago:


Hole 3

There are actually two ways to play hole three on the UNF golf course. Once you hit your drive, you’ll be forced by the reality that you can either go left and play the par four or go right and try to drive the par five. If you go right for the par five, you will have to backtrack a bit to get to the tee box for hole four. I would recommend going left and playing the par four as you get to go by the scenic lake and it provides a challenge of distance and accuracy for golfers of all skill levels.


Hole 4

Using the same green as you would use if you went the par five route on hole three, hole four is a straight-forward par three that hopefully will send you packing with a smile on your face. All the preparation has led to this moment and there is no better feeling than watching your ball nestle on the green after hitting it pure off the tee. Distance is put to the limits once again as UNF keeps you on your toes from hole to hole.


What else can I expect at the complex?

Imagine you’re sitting in your dorm and as the time passes you wonder what there is to do on-campus. In the corner of your eye, you see an old and rusty 8-iron that your dad gave to you to defend your nest. Then you realize, there is a fully lighted driving range on-campus.

Not only is it a lighted range, it also boasts Power Tees. Just put the balls into the dispenser and after each hit, a ball pops up on a tee and you’re ready to go. No more straining your back reaching down to put balls on tees. Having an awesome range and technology to make your experience easier makes golfing at UNF a lot of fun.

If you’re like me, then you really need to work on your short game. One of the amenities at the complex is a fully-lit putting green and chipping area. This is right before the first tee, so if you’re behind Happy Gilmore and his boys, you might want to get some putts and chips in.


How can I find out more about pricing, COVID hours, and lessons?




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