New details surrounding Kappa Sigma expulsion emerge

Kaitlyn Bowers, Features Editor

New details have emerged surrounding the case that led to the expulsion of the Kappa Sigma fraternity that shed light on when the assault occurred and what happened following that assault. 

The Spinnaker obtained a 66-page, heavily redacted report that contains both investigative documents and emails.  It references threats and intimidation against the victim and blatant violations of restrictions put in place while the university investigated the incident, which is revealed to have occurred Feb. 2019.

“In order to create a better campus culture, we believe the only option left is to disband the fraternity and dissolve the increasingly dangerous and disruptive subculture they have created,” the report reads. 

The documents detail the uphill battle Student Conduct faced while reviewing the case of Kappa Sigma.  UNF officials say while their investigation into the sexual assault allegation was underway, Kappa Sigma was ordered not to hold any social activities.  An order that the organization violated at least three times, according to the university. 

A Facebook post shows the Kappa Sigma fraternity planning a party on August 19, 2020.

The flagrant violations by the fraternity to party while under such a serious investigation appeared to shock the very conscience of at least one UNF investigator.

“Honestly, we haven’t had a group or individual commit another violation while their appeal was pending such serious outcomes during my time here,” said Rachel Winter, University Conduct Officer, in an email to the Dean of Students.

Evidence of the parties was found on TikTok. Kappa Sigma members are allegedly clearly shown in the videos, where both alcohol and a Kappa Sigma banner are also present. UNF has those videos, but has not released them to Spinnaker. 

The Panel Recommendation Review proved to be the most telling. According to the review, the fraternity claimed “not responsible” on all charges faced against it. However, the panel found them responsible on all charges and concluded that the fraternity would be permanently removed from campus. 

 “We are making this recommendation due to all evidence we have evaluated. Regarding previous conduct and previously determined sanctions, we have noticed a pattern of dangerous behaviors associated with the organization as a whole,” the review read. 

Amongst the emails in the documents, it was debated whether current members (barring the ones who committed the serious crimes) would be allowed to join another fraternity in the future. However, it was decided that a ban of this nature would violate the students’ freedom of assembly. 

Spinnaker reached out to Kappa Sigma’s headquarters, but has not received a comment. 


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