Competitive swimming returns to campus; construction of new facility continues

John Watson, Sports Editor

A new stage is being set and the spotlights are warming up as construction is diving head first into building an olympic-size swimming pool on UNF’s campus once again.

In the September issue of UNF’s Marketing and Public relation’s “Inside Newsletter,” much was revealed about what the new facility would look like and what exactly would be included in the $8.26 million project.

A detailed render of what the pool will look like once construction is finished in June 2021
Source: UNF Marketing and Publications

The pool will hope to be completed in June of 2021 and will be an olympic size 50-meter pool with 9 swimming lanes. As it will be an outdoor pool, there will be a facility adjacent to the pool which will house locker rooms, restrooms and a workspace for lifeguards.

Once the facility and pool are fully operational, it will be the first time in eight years that our Osprey swimmers will have an opportunity to compete on UNF’s campus. Back in 2013, the Andy W. Sears pool was filled with concrete due to the cost of much-needed repairs and it now lies beneath the hardwood floors of the UNF Field House.

What used to be the Andy W. Serkis pool is now the UNF Field House

Osprey swimmers who used to travel to offsite facilities to train and compete will now be able to hop out of class and into the pool without ever having to drive a single mile. The team will continue to train at The Bolles School, where they have been practicing for years due to the inability to train on-campus.

For now, earth-movers and lots of construction will occupy the space north the gym, but come June there will be a beautiful new facility and pool.

* Information used in this article was provided by The September edition of UNF’s Marketing and Publications Inside Newsletter


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