D.I.Y lit mason jar pumpkins


Mariana Mejia, Reporter

‘Tis the season of spice lattes, cinnamon scents, crispy colorful crippling leaves and pumpkin decorations. Learn how to make D.I.Y.(Do it yourself)  lit mason jar pumpkins decorations that will spice up your fall season even more. All the supplies are at your local dollar store for under ten dollars.

For this DIY you will need: $7

  • Three small mason jars or mini plastic fish bowls
  •  mod podge glue
  •  orange/red/white/yellow tissue paper
  •  Paint brush 
  •  Battery powered wicks.

In this project, you will need to separate all the items that are needed. Make sure to do this on top of a clean space because this project will get you sticky and messy.

Rip up all tissue paper pieces (it doesn’t have to be perfect). Add the mod podge glue into a paper bowl or plastic cup to make it easier to apply when using the paint brush or a sponge. 

Once that is set up, you’ll want to make sure all the wicks work because no one really likes going back to the store. 

First, get the three mason jars ready or mini plastic fish bowls and take off all of the price tag stickers. You don’t want to have sticker bumps all over the smooth glass or plastic, you want a clean slate to work on. If you can’t take off the tags, use rubbing alcohol to “melt down” the glue. 

The second step is to start covering the entire jar or fish bowl with mod podge glue and add on the ripped tissue paper and stick them onto the jar or bowl. Try to cover up all the clear spaces to the point where you can only see the scraps of tissue paper.

Onto the third step, you should add a second layer of mod podge glue on top of the dried up tissue paper that’s on the jar or bowl you selected. You then want to continue to add more and more glue until it has a glossy dry finish. 

The final step is to insert the faux wick into the jar and that’s the finished look. Enjoy with your family or friends and give ‘em pumpkin to talk about!


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