Governor DeSantis lifts COVID-19 restrictions on businesses statewide

Darvin Nelson, News Editor

Darvin Nelson, News Editor

Governor DeSantis has lifted all COVID-19 restrictions on businesses, restaurants, and bars state-wide. The new executive order allows businesses to operate at full capacity.

Local governments can keep their restrictions in place if it’s justified for health or economic reasons.

DeSantis’ order will also inhibit cities from fining people for not wearing masks. Fines and penalties that were imposed, so far, will be suspended.

“Every business has the right to operate,” DeSantis said. “Some of the locals can do reasonable regulations. But you just can’t say no.”

DeSantis also says that he sees no signs of a possible second wave of cases.

Spinnaker asked UNF Director of Student Health Services Administration and COVID-19 Task Force healthcare coordinator Dr. Doreen Perez if it is safe to resume normal activity even though there is no vaccine for American public use yet? 

Perez says, “Normal activity during a pandemic is wearing masks, social distancing and washing your hands. Everyone needs to continue this activity to stay as healthy as possible and mitigate the spread of COVID-19.”

The restriction changes will not affect the University which has no plans to change any mask, social distancing, or hand washing requirements.

 “Our COVID-19 safety plans have been successful,” Perez said, “and we are depending on continued cooperation of our campus community to keep everyone safe.”

Perez also stated that COVID-19 cases have not decreased. According to Florida’s COVID-19 Data and Surveillance Dashboard, over 2,000 new cases and four deaths were recorded just yesterday — adding to a total of over 700,000 resident cases and over 14,000 resident deaths.

The new executive order lifts restrictions on the amount of people who can attend sporting events in the state, according to the governor. DeSantis hopes for Tampa to host “a full Super Bowl” in Feb.

“We’re going to be able to host the Super Bowl in February,” DeSantis said. “We expect to do a full Super Bowl.”


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