President Trump and the First Lady test positive for COVID-19

Kevin Luhrs, Opinions Editor

The country has been shaken by the news that the president and the first lady have tested positive for COVID-19. White House staffers are in a state of shock, scrambling as they look to contain the virus within its halls.

 As of Friday morning, it is unknown if the 25th Amendment will be invoked, or if the president will become too ill to carry out his duties. 

The White House physician stated the president will continue to carry out his duties and that he has not developed any symptoms. However, two people familiar with the president’s condition claim that he’s suffering mild symptoms, reminiscent of cold like symptoms. Officials at the White House also say that the president’s voice sounded raspy Thursday night, but it wasn’t known if this was unusual for him. President Trump is in the high-risk category for COVID-19, as he is 74 years old and considered obese. 

Dow futures slid 500 points Friday morning, signaling trouble in domestic markets. The president’s treatment plan was also discussed Thursday night, as well as a televised address to demonstrate that he’s functioning and that continuity of government is unnecessary. 

Fortunately, the Vice President and his wife tested negative for COVID-19. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo has also tested negative for the coronavirus. Democratic presidential candidate, Joseph R. Biden Jr., has wished the president a speedy recovery and the former vice president will take a test for COVID-19 this Friday morning. 

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