New poll by UNF’s polling laboratory has Biden leading in Florida

Kevin Luhrs, Opinions Editor

In a poll of 3,142 registered likely voters released on the eve of the vice presidential debate, UNF’s Public Opinion Research Laboratory (PORL) has former Vice President Joseph R. Biden Jr. ahead of President Trump by six points

Of those surveyed, 51% indicated they would vote for the former Vice President, and 45% said they would vote for President Trump. 54% of Hispanic respondents said they would vote for Mr. Biden and 39% said President Trump. 

Courtesy of UNF Public Opinion Research Lab (PORL).

According to the press release, Dr. Michael Binder, director of the Public Opinion Research Lab commented, “This large six point gap between the candidates is likely attributed to the immediate aftermath of the debate. However, this is Florida, and I expect the election results to be very close once all the votes are counted.”

In addition, 52% of respondents said they want whoever wins in November to nominate a justice to the Supreme Court. 42% said they’d prefer to have the nomination before the election, and five percent said they want the president to wait until after the election but before the president-elect is inaugurated. 

Courtesy of UNF PORL

Binder said, in the press release, “Amy Coney Barrett’s nomination combined with the concern about the integrity of the election in general, highlights the important political role that the courts play in this country.” 

Respondents were also asked about the pandemic as it relates to both the state and federal economy. 61% of those who responded said the federal government is not doing enough to support the economy, nine percent said they are doing too much and 29% said the government is doing the right amount.

Courtesy of UNF PORL

When asked which impacts from the pandemic they were most concerned about, 57% said the public health impacts and 43% said the economic impacts. 

“Even though Florida has ended most COVID-19 restrictions, voters are still concerned about the virus,” Binder noted in the release, “The past week has done nothing to ease concerns as the virus has swept through the President’s inner circle.”

Respondents were also asked questions about immigration and racial equality. When asked whether they believe black and white people receive the same treatment by the police, a majority of 56% said they either strongly or somewhat disagreed. When they were asked the same about Hispanics, 53% disagreed. A majority of those surveyed — 53% — also said that police-involved deaths of black people are signs of a broader problem of systemic racism rather than isolated incidents — 46%.

Regarding immigration, 22% said they would only vote for a candidate that shares their views on immigration, whereas 72% said it was just one of many factors to consider. 

“Considering Florida’s diverse population and high number of Hispanic voters, it’s no wonder issues of race and social justice are taking the forefront and will likely influence folks at the ballot box in November,” Binder noted in the release, “As a final note, this is 2020, and though many polls have shown a pretty stable race (unlike 2016) there is still four weeks until this election ends and a lot can happen.”


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