Darth Vader’s redemption

Erik Feliciano, Reporter

Darth Vader was seen as a hulking machine of a man and was only given a brief moment in the final film, Star Wars: Episode 6 Return of the Jedi,  to actually get some form of redemption after he saved his son Luke Skywalker. Darth Vader was never given a true redemption story until now.

In the current run of Darth Vader comics, which takes place immediately after “The Empire Strikes Back,” Vader is seen as a haunted man, who is still coming to terms with what he has done and who he has become.

After Luke escapes, Vader scours the galaxy searching for answers as to who hid his son from him and betrayed the Empire. This leads him to where the story began on his home planet of Tatooine. By going here, he learns of his step brother’s adoption of Luke. The memories of his life from a young boy to a Jedi Knight begin to swell as he searches his old home for answers. This Leads him to Coruscant to search for the grave of his former wife Padme Amidala.

On Coruscant, he finds one of his former wife’s body doubles. This body double is pretending to be her for safety reasons. This double is the leader of a rebel cell and uses her to find more information. In the process, more memories and feelings of his wife flood back as he sees the spitting image of the deceased Padme.

When he finally finds the maternity ward that she gave birth to his children in, he finally learns the truth. He finds a recording of the birth and learns that she in fact did not betray him. He let his feelings of anger and lust for the dark side cloud his judgment. This revelation in turn swayed him closer to the light than he has been in a very long time.

The comic series is still ongoing. It ties in nicely to the sequel trilogy, giving answers as to how Palpatine survived his death. 


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