To All The Boys: Always and Forever review

Jordan Ramos, Reporter

Most of us dream of having that romance that will last a lifetime. To All the Boys: Always and Forever captures that dream as the third movie in the series based off of the YA novels by Jenny Han. While the main characters Lara Jean, played by Lana Condor and Peter Kavinsky, played by Noah Centineo, have many differences, their love comes through to show a cheesy but heartwarming sendoff to the series.

The movie takes place in 2021 during their senior year of high school. Lara and Peter had plans to go to Stanford. When they take a school trip to New York, Lara falls in love with NYU. She must choose to go to school with Peter, or go to the school she truly wants to be at. 

Music is a big part of what makes a scene in a movie and some of the music choices here definitely delivered that sense of sweetness that the director Michael Fimognari was going for. It featured songs such as Toploaders Dancing in the Moonlight and Girls’ Generation’s Gee. While it featured some sweeter songs, the movie was also host to more tough songs, such as Pretty Savage by Blackpink, that showed how Lara Jean has grown throughout the series.

The acting that accompanied the music was also great for the cheesy rom com that it is. Centineo gave a great performance as Peter, highlighting the struggles of having a parent that hasn’t always been there. He also gives a great performance showing what a typical high school boy would act like in his situation with Lara Jean. Condor plays a memorable protagonist and gives a great show portraying Lara Jean as a typical high school girl, who just wants to follow her dreams. 

While the third movie has many great aspects, it still doesn’t compare to the first movie. This may be because no one was expecting To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before to be such a big hit. That movie captured the magic of what it was like to be in a high school relationship, while also showing a willingness to have the light in that relationship be dark. To All the Boys: Always and Forever focuses too much on that light and doesn’t give room for that darkness which made the first movie such a huge success. 

While the movie isn’t perfect, it’s still a great sendoff to a beloved movie and book series.


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