“Ginny and Georgia” review

Jordan Ramos, Reporter

“Ginny and Georgia” is a show about the trust we have with our family members. It shows how their trust for each other evolves throughout its first season, through tons of high school drama but also a plot to rid Ginny (played by Antonia Gentry) of her mother Georgia (played by Brianne Howey), by an old family member. The show, while not perfect, has many great moments that show the lengths a mother would go through for her daughter. 

A lot of the high school drama seen in the show is similar to that of “Glee.” Nothing in particular stood out during the high school plot of the show besides the showing of a racist teacher and how Ginny handled him. From the start, Mr. Gitten (played by Johnathan Potts) is clearly racist towards Ginny. Throughout the show, the two clash and it reveals what it’s like for Black teens today in school. It was nice to see this type of dynamic in a show, especially because I haven’t seen it before.

Ginny herself, while I understand where she is coming from in her arguments with Georgia, came off as annoying a lot of the time. I felt as though she did things throughout the show to other characters that were unforgivable at times. Ginny was constantly asking for forgiveness for some of the things she did, which made her seem more and more like a terrible person. Antonia Gentry did great with what she was given. However, Ginny seemed very one-note throughout the show.

Georgia was an amazing character and Brianne Howey did a great job realizing the character. There are many moments throughout the show that go back to Georgia’s past to show the things she has done. While she also did terrible things just like Ginny, a lot of these acts were to protect her and her child. Whereas Ginny’s behavior came off as selfish at times. Georgia in the present day seemed like a normal mother but you soon realize that she is willing to go through great lengths to protect her children, showing just how smart of a character she is. 

The show, while not amazing, definitely has some really good moments. If you’re the type of person who likes high school dramas, Ginny and Georgia is the show for you. Overall, I would give the show a 3.5/5.


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