What is the disciplinary action for discrimination at UNF?

Jordan Ramos, Reporter

The recent anti-Semitic incident on campus was surprising to many and opened people’s eyes to similar acts which have occurred at UNF. When asked what disciplinary action UNF  would take if something like this were to happen again, UNF stated, “The University has no further comment on this incident.” 

According to the Student Code of Conduct, students who perform discriminatory actions based on race, sexual orientation, religion, etc., will go through disciplinary action based on how severe the act was. 

Once an incident is reported, the university will make a preliminary determination on how to handle the situation. In discrimination cases, the allegations will go through the Director of the Department of Equal Opportunity and Inclusion. 

UNF will contact the University Police Department to conduct an investigation if more evidence is needed. If police find evidence that the student has violated the Code of Conduct, a charge letter will be sent to the student. These letters include a summary of the charges and the sources of the evidence. 

There would then be a conduct meeting held so that the student being charged can discuss their side of the story. A Hearing Administrator will also go over the student’s rights. If a student does not schedule a conduct meeting within five days of receiving the letter, then they waive their right to a conduct meeting. If this occurs,  a formal hearing will be held to discuss the resolution method for the incident. If the student is found guilty, that student can be suspended, expelled, or be required to complete a short course depending on the offense. More information can be found on the Student Code of Conduct website as well as UNF’s  Outcomes and Sanctions page.