Apex Legends’ Season 9 introduces big changes, a new Legend, and the fiery new Arena

Carter Mudgett, Student Government Reporter

Season 9 is here! The legacy brings a new battle pass, permanent game mode, new items, and introduces Respawn’s new Recon Legend: Valkyrie.

Honoring her family’s legacy, she salvaged her father’s Northstar Titan by reconfiguring it into her jetpack. Her passive ability features VTOL Jets, allowing her to fly for a limited time. Firing a slew of mini-rockets, her tactical ability damages and disorients enemies. Fly high in the skies with her Ultimate ability that allows her and her squad to reposition from any location.

 Image via Respawn Entertainment

Olympus sports an updated look as a lost fleet has found its way to the map. They have brought a parasitic plant with them, taking over the map. The fleet’s lead ship, Icarus, introduces an updated drop zone. Collect key cards to open the ship’s vault.

 Image via Respawn Entertainment

Introducing Arenas! Former Apex Predator Ash is redesigning the games and bringing them back to their roots. The new permanent mode features two custom maps, Party Crasher and Phase Runner, as well as three areas taken directly from the other battle royale maps.

 Image via Respawn Entertainment

Players will fight in a three-versus-three style. First to win three rounds with a two-point lead will claim victory. Should teams reach a tie, they will experience Ash’s Sudden Death round.

Aiming for balance, Respawn has removed level one EVO helmets and Knockdown Shields from the loot pool. Level one EVO shields remain for “shield swapping” but at a lower spawn rate. Players now start each match with a level one EVO shield, helmet, and knockdown shield, as well as two shield cells and two syringes.

Emotes have been added! Each legend starts with one unlocked emote at the beginning of the season. More emotes can be unlocked through Apex packs or crafting. Respawn has permanently enabled an “anti-peek” feature to ensure that players do not gain knowledge from the third-person camera.

As is with each new season, players are treated to a new battle pass that contains an assortment of skins, emotes, and more. A new Wraith skin, Demon’s Whisper, is unlockable at premium level 50 and a new Rampart skin, Crafty Kitsune, at premium level 25.

 Image via Respawn Entertainment

A new weapon has been added that ushers in a whole new weapon class. The Bocek is a compound bow that rewards master aim. Utilizing a new ammo type, arrows, drawing the bow for a longer time will increase the power behind each shot. Maximum power yields optimal damage and projectile speed.

 Image via Respawn Entertainment

Arrows are a rarer ammo type but can be retrieved by players after being fired. The bow is now part of the new weapon class “Marksman.” The class is made up of the Triple Take, G7 Scout, 30-30, and Bocek. These weapons are placed between Assault Rifles and Snipers. Movement speed with aiming down sights is increased with these weapons.

As with every new season, a whole host of additional changes and tweaks have been added. Additional information can be found here.

Season 9 is sure to bring a whole new side to Apex Legends and looks to be an exciting one!


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