UNF Sees slight decrease in COVID cases

Nathan Turoff, Features Editor

Classes resume next Monday, and Students are beginning to move in for the fall semester. Many students, such as RA’s and summer students, have already been on campus for weeks or even longer. 

This return to campus comes as COVID cases are on the rise in Florida, with many concerned about how it might affect the return to campus. The University keeps track of the number of COVID cases among students and staff, and in the past week, with more students returning to campus, there has been a slight decrease in overall COVID cases.

Screenshot of UNF cases.

Last week, there were a total of 23 confirmed cases, which is a slight decrease from last week’s count of 26. While this may seem like good news, the case breakdown shows some alarming trends.

The number of cases for employees decreased the most, from 12 to 5. The number of off-campus student cases slightly decreased from 14 to 12. The alarming group was the on-campus students, which went from no reported cases last week, to 6 this week.

This is very concerning, as more students were on campus this week than last week, so who knows what might happen as more and more students return to campus

Spinnaker will keep you updated in the next weeks as the COVID cases are reported after the start of the fallsemester.


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