Student Government begins their recovery from understaffing

Julia Croston, Government Reporter

During their second Senate meeting of the fall semester on Friday, Student Government (SG) discussed legislation and budgetary requests before ultimately confirming Ashley Mason as a new Associate Justice.

Chief Justice Antwain Marshall formally introduced himself to the Senate for the first time, explaining his excitement and goal to fill open positions in the Judicial branch, especially appointing a Deputy Chief Justice. Marshall later introduced Ashley Mason with a strong letter of recommendation reflecting her passion and interest. 

Then, Marshall read a letter of recommendation from Student Body President Selma Besirevic stating her approval. President Besirevic wrote: 

“From what I have seen from her, she is unbiased in nature, and thoughtful of decision-making. If confirmed, I can see her flourishing in the Judiciary.”    

Ashley Mason took the floor to give a speech reflecting her interest in law and the Judicial branch. Mason also emphasized the importance of fairness, honesty, openness, and having good morals. 

During questions and discussion, Senators noted Mason’s ability to learn swiftly after she impressively recited all the statue titles after previously only being able to list a few. The Senators also elaborated on Mason’s ability to remain unbiased, gain confidence, and give well-thought-out answers to questions. 

After a 12-0-0 vote, Ashley Mason was sworn in by Antwain Marshall. With this confirmation, SG continues to successfully resolve the current issue of understaffing.

Prior to these events, SG unanimously approved a $63,049.80 budget for security door upgrades during their budget discussion. This money will come from the Student Union building fund to ensure student safety in case of fire or a school shooter. The upgrades will focus on the international center, LGBTQ center, Senate Chambers, and Osprey Involvement Center. 

The door in the international center is dangerously coming off its hinges, so these upgrades are needed as soon as possible. SG also discussed encumbrance rollover and Title VIII, the SG financial code, both resulting in a 12-0-0 vote. 


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