Police Beat: Alleged serial bike thief apprehended

Amelia Simmons, Police Reporter

UNF has been experiencing a series of bike thefts on campus, and UPD may have caught one of the culprits. Last week, UPD stopped a man they call David Davidson after he was seen on a bike heading to campus with bolt cutters.

Many students have been reported that their bikes have been stolen from the various bike racks across campus. The majority of students were clear that they had taken precautions to lock their bikes before leaving them. 

When UPD spotted the alleged thief, he matched the description from two previous cases of bike thefts that happened to be caught on camera. The videos showed a man using bolt cutters to steal the bikes from the bike racks in the housing areas and then proceeded to leave campus with them. 

The suspect then identified himself as David Davidson, however, upon bringing him to the Duval County Jail and fingerprinting him it was discovered that he was actually John Conroy Walsh. Walsh had an outstanding warrant for his arrest in Volusia County according to the police report. 

Walsh had a plethora of tools on him at the time of his arrest including bolt cutters, two-wire cutters, needle nose pliers, nail remover, and more. Walsh was also found with another man that had an outstanding warrant out of Mississippi.  

The bike that Walsh was riding was valued at $600 and matched the description of a bicycle that had been reported as stolen out of fountains. It was indeed the same bike that was stolen and was not the first time that the student had their bike stolen. 


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