Stacking milk crates: pleasing or perilous?

Nathan Turoff, Features Editor

Last month, The milk crate challenge became very popular on TikTok, but for all the wrong reasons. Reckless people dangerously climbing pyramids of milk crates sent several people to the hospital. 

The milk crates used for stacking, Photo by Nathan Turoff.

As part of UNF’s Healthy Campus Week 2021, On Thursday, UNF offered a Crate-stacking competition in the Wellness Center. This involves stacking milk crates in a sort of tower, with the highest record at the time of writing being 27 crates!

But this is no amateur backyard shenanigans. This is fully safe and controlled. The competition was held next to Osprey Cliff, The Wellness Center’s rock climbing wall. This competition was supervised by the trained and competent professionals who run the Cliff on a daily basis. All crate stacking was supervised and all participants were tethered to prevent injury like they would when climbing the Cliff.

Spinnaker gave it a shot, and it was a lot of fun, albeit nerve-racking at times.

Spinnaker’s TV Manager, Chase Hartman, reached over 9 milk crates high. Photo by Nathan Turoff.

Are you wanting to try this out for yourself? If you missed out this Thursday, don’t worry! Spinnaker asked the Wellness Center staff, and they said that the Milkcrate stacking competition will return in a few weeks.

When it does come back, Spinnaker will let you know.


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