SG releases their Sep. Osprey Voice

Julia Croston, Government Reporter

On Sep. 17, the University and Student Affairs Committee (USA) met to create this month’s Osprey Voice survey. The survey will focus on the new Competition Pool Complex. The pool recently opened on Sep. 17 at 5pm. The survey questions will help decide what should be changed or added to the pool facility.  

The survey begins with key demographic questions such as affiliation to UNF, if you live on or off-campus, your year at UNF, racial or ethnic group, and gender identity. 

The following questions relate to time and day preferences for student pool usage. The pool schedule will leave around 20 hours a week for student use. Depending on the data, the hours and days of availability for students could change for the spring semester to be more convenient. 

The next questions cover potential swimming equipment, yard games, and events. These questions look to enhance the pool facility based on student preferences. 

Survey results will be released on the SG website. The USA Committee will also host a roundtable at the end of the semester as a more direct way to listen to the concerns and preferences of students.


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