Police Beat: Vehicle vandalism

Amelia Simmons, Police Reporter

Two reports of vehicle vandalism have been made to UPD since Sep. 13, both assumed to be done Carrie Underwood style: with a key.

First Incident:

The first report was made on September 13th when the victim noticed damage to his truck while parked in lot 14. The truck was parked overnight in the Flats prior to it being in lot 14 and it is unclear at this time when the damage occurred. 

UPD said, “An undermined suspect used an undetermined object, possibly a key to engrave scratches into the paint on the driver side truck bed. The engraving appears to be ‘KA’.”

Image courtesy of UPD.

The victim stated that this isn’t the first time this type of thing has happened to one of his trucks. However, he is unsure of who could have done it. Video surveillance was unavailable in this case.

Second Incident:

The next incident of vandalism was reported on Sep. 20, and the victim reported the damage from Osprey Fountains. The assumed key damage to this victim’s car ran the length of the passenger side from the rear quarter panel of the vehicle to the front quarter panel. 

UPD reported, “Additionally, beginning at the passenger side door a legible message was scratched into the car’s paint as well. It read, ‘Learn how to drive fa**ot’.”

Image courtesy of UPD.
Image courtesy of UPD.

The victim told UPD that they had no knowledge of anyone being upset or angry with them. They were also unaware of any driving habits as of recently that could have caused this kind of upset in other motorists. 

The victim believes that the damage occurred in the Osprey Fountains parking lot. 


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