UNF students respond to DeSantis’s announcement of eliminating standarized testing

Carter Mudgett, Editor in Chief

In mid-Sep. 2021, FL Governor DeSantis announced his ‘Florida Assessment Thinking Plan’ to phase out Florida Standardized Assessments (FSAs) in FL schools. Met with support and opposition from either side of the aisle, Spinnaker reached out to its Instagram followers to hear their thoughts on this proposal. 

 Visualization of poll results, compiled by Carter Mudgett.

As shown above, the vast majority of respondents supported DeSantis’s announcement, with a lone two respondents expressing their opposition. 

One user was ecstatic at the announcement, commenting “YES as a future teacher I want to teach kids how to learn/live, not how to take a test.” Another student expressed their support in a slightly more vulgar fashion, commenting “Its about time. Even 3rd grade me knew that sh*t was wrong for some reason.”

As of the time of writing, there have been no updates on the progress of Governor DeSantis’s proposal, but Spinnaker will be there to let you know when there are. 


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