Letter to the Editor: World College Radio Day

Sydney Chatani, Spinnaker Radio General Manager

And like that, another World College Radio Day has come and gone. On Friday, October 1st, college radio stations all across the world could be found celebrating the annual event – Spinnaker Radio included! Yet, most at UNF are not even aware that we even have a radio station. What’s up with that?

In all seriousness, Spinnaker Radio is an extremely beneficial resource that most students simply do not know about. As a college radio station, we are in a unique position to extend creative opportunities to our volunteers – especially those interested in the communications field. Together, our tiny little staff of four ensures that volunteers develop their soft & hard skills by teaching how to operate radio software and equipment, production and editing techniques, and perhaps most importantly: a platform where students are free to explore their creativity. Although this may sound quite overwhelming, I promise it is so much easier than it may appear to be! (In case you don’t believe it could be that easy, I started in the fall of 2019 as a volunteer DJ and have now found myself running the whole show! Time flies when you’re having fun, huh?) Whether you want to do a live talk-show, a podcast, or simply choose the tunes to blast in the Student Union, Spinnaker Radio is here for all your needs. 

As college students (particularly in today’s environment), we all need a break sometimes. Whether one needs a reprieve from studying and classes or simply a mental breather, Spinnaker Radio welcomes everyone with open-arms. Come on down to the second floor of 58E, chat with any of our lovely staff members, and get started today! We can’t wait to see you!


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