UNF Student Advocate explains SG’s new ‘Drink Smart Cards’

Carter Mudgett, Editor in Chief

In an active effort to combat rape and spiked drinks, Student Government (SG) is offering free ‘Drink Smart Cards’ across campus to students. 

“They are mobile test kits and were actually an initiative that was pioneered by a previous Student Advocate. They were created a few years ago, we purchase them from a supplier in Tallahassee,” current Student Advocate George Boston told Spinnaker. 

The cards have all the information that students would need if they found themselves in need of assistance.

The cards are designed to test for GHB and ketamine, two common drugs used to commit crimes of sexual violence across the globe. 

“There are other drug test options that are out there that the student can purchase if they felt that they wanted to,” Boston acknowledged but did emphasize that these cards are 100% free to UNF students. 

“Of course, this is no replacement for preventions, smart decisions, and that kind of thing. I would say that this— accompanied with smart decision-making, education, and prevention— can definitely help our students,” he said. 



Back of the Drink Smart Cards. (Carter Mudgett)

The Drink Smart Cards are currently available at the following locations:

  • The Student Government Rotunda: Building 58E Room 3300
  • The LGBTQ Resource Center: Building 58E Room 1111
  • The Office of Fraternity and Sorority Life: Building 58E Room 2102
  • The International Center: building 58E Room 2300
  • UNF PERCH: Building 39 Room 4033
  • UNF Women’s Center: Building 2 Room 2100
  • Housing and Residence Life Office: Building 14B
  • The Office of Student Accountability and Resolution: Building 57W Room 2750
Back of the Drink Smart Cards. (Carter Mudgett)

SG is discussing the possibility of bringing alcoholic beverage locations to campus, an effort spearheaded by Student Body President Selma Besirevic, but Boston said it’s still in the questioning phase and everything is still up in the air. Should this idea come to fruition, however, Boston said that the ‘Drink Smart Cards’ would be available “upfront for students” at those locations. 

“These drug kit tests do only test for two drugs,” Boston said. “So if you are experiencing any symptoms— nausea, dizziness, vomiting, blurry vision, any of that kind of symptom— you should definitely seek help.”

“Be careful. Make good decisions,” he closed. 

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