Student Government swears in 17 new senators

Julia Croston, Government Reporter

Student Government (SG) has sworn in new Senators and an Attorney General, while simultaneously announcing the resignations of the Supervisor of Elections and Chief of Staff. 

In an emotional speech, Madison Saul announced her resignation as the Supervisor of Elections. Thanking everyone for the opportunity to serve in SG for the past three years, Saul encouraged the new Senators to take risks. The speech ended with a standing ovation from all members of SG. Saul will clearly be missed by all, and many recounted her friendship, dedication, and hard work.  

“It saddens me to be writing this letter, but as of November 5th at 5:00 P.M. I will be stepping down as the Supervisor of Elections. This was not an easy decision, and one I did not think I would be making anytime soon,” Saul stated in her resignation letter.  View her full resignation letter here

Student Body President Selma Besirevic announced that the Chief of Staff, Julia Caras, would be stepping down, due to family and personal reasons. As a result of Caras stepping down, the executive branch will remain incomplete. 

After a quick search, SG appointed the new Attorney General, Ali Sartwali. President Besirevic read her letter of recommendation in full support of Sartwali noting his diligence and prioritization to serve students. Besirevic revealed she met Sartwali in Dick’s Sporting Goods where they had shared a conversation about SG involvement. 

In his speech, Sartwali reflected on his experience of recently moving to the United States. He also expressed his goals for unity and equal opportunity for all. With the position, Sartwali hopes to increase the sustainability and longevity of legislation. The Senators were impressed by Sartwali’s ability to recount the statutes and answer difficult questions. The discussion resulted in a 10-0-0 vote to approve Sartwali. 

Closing out the meeting, SG swore in 17 Senatorial candidates with more to be sworn in during the coming weeks. Two Senators will be leaving SG, due to a transfer and graduation. The number of Senators increased significantly with 20 voting members to end the meeting. 


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