SDS meets UNF Administration

Nathan Turoff, Features Editor

In an update to our previous article covering the Students for a Democratic Society’s (SDS) letter of demands for the UNF Administration, they have actually already held a meeting together. Spinnaker was provided this statement:

“On November 10, 2021, SDS, along with two student groups Students for Sensible Drug Policy and Students United for Worker’s Advocacy, delivered an open letter to UNF administration outlining our demands for the Fall 2021 semester.

We sat down with Interim President Pam Chally, Chief Diversity Officer Dr. Richmond Wynn, Project Director of the Commission of Diversity and Inclusion Alison Cruess, and COVID-19 Taskforce Coordinator Robert Greenlaw.

Our meeting with UNF administration consisted of students expressing their concerns and justification for the demands presented. UNF administration listened to our concerns and will address them by meeting our demands.

We are happy to announce that UNF has/is committed to:

  1. Be transparent in sharing UPD’s budget.
  2. Coordinating a meeting to reallocate unused funds from UPD to necessary education purposes.
  3. Increase in Black and Brown student enrollment by visiting and recruiting aspiring students in Title 1 schools.
  4. Reviewing their Strategic Plan for Inclusive Excellence to further recruit and retain Black and Brown faculty and staff.
  5. Offer a transparent process and announcement of the upcoming Africana Studies Major for incoming freshmen.
  6. Coordinate a realistic and measurable plan to increase the University’s minimum wage to $15/hr.
  7. Continue to offer COVID19 vaccines, including booster shots, on campus.

Our fight for a better campus through students’ diligence is one that must be celebrated! From students to students we will continue to pressure UNF admin for a better campus. Dare to Struggle, Dare to Win!”

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