Police Beat: Peep vandalization, chalk messages and the scent of marijuana

Lauren Fox, General Assignment Reporter

Peeps and feces in a campus parked car

A car on campus was vandalized with marshmallow Peeps Friday, according to a police report. The Peeps were found on the rear trunk lid of the car and wedged in a door jam, with a bag of what appeared to be dog feces placed inside the vehicle, said police. 

The victim had previously argued with someone who allegedly sold drugs to students on campus and suspected that person of vandalizing their car, said the report. 

When confronted by police, the suspect said they had no knowledge of the incident and were not selling drugs.

Nothing appeared to be missing from the vehicle, and the victim was unsure if their car was left unlocked. No arrests were made.

A student sees a concerning message on the pavement

A University of North Florida student contacted campus police Tuesday, Feb. 22, after seeing a message reading “I C U [student’s name]” written in chalk on the concrete by their vehicle in parking lot 11 the night prior, according to a police report. 

The student believes the person who wrote the message is their former friend who was writing derogatory comments about them on social media, police say.

Police explained to the student that no crime had been committed.

Student arrested near Building 51

A group of people ran from police Sunday night after a campus police officer noticed the smell of marijuana coming from UNF’s Peace Plaza area, according to police.

Officers conducted a sweep of the area, attempting to find the people that ran.

One student was arrested after an officer found them trying to hide behind a tree near Building 51, said the police report. The student was allegedly intoxicated, smelling of marijuana and alcohol, according to the police report.


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