Meet the new 2022 Student Government Senate chairs

Mallory Pace, Student Government Reporter

Maya Drum – University and Student Affairs chair 

Drum graduated high school with her associate degree and is now in her second year at the University of North Florida (UNF), majoring in Business Management.  

As University and Student Affairs (USA) chair, Drum oversees the USA committee that creates Osprey Voices and roundtables that are set up around campus. Each Student Government (SG) table offers a survey for students to take that Drum’s committee creates.  

SG University and Student Affairs Chair Maya Drum
SG University and Student Affairs Chair Maya Drum (Student Government)

“Our point is to be the touchpoint between the student body and all of us,” she said. “We gather data about the student body, and then bills are written based on that data.” 

Drum has been interested and active in SG since high school and first joined UNF’s SG her freshman year to get involved in another club.  

“My goal as USA chair is to make sure the committee runs well and to amplify everyone’s voices. Especially in my committee, we need to be telling everyone in SG what the student body is saying. One of my personal goals is to make dining on campus way more religiously inclusive,” she explained. “I am religious, and although I don’t have dietary restrictions because of my religion, I can’t imagine not being able to fully practice it.” 

Drum believes that one person is enough to make a difference to try and make dining on campus inclusive to all students and religions.  

Rohith Kilambi – Budget and Allocations chair

Kilambi is a sophomore studying Kinesiology and plans to become a physical therapist. He first joined SG after advice from his brother, SaiRahuil Kilambi, who previously served as Senate President Pro Tempore two years ago.  

“It was overwhelming at first, but then I got the hang of things, and it got pretty fun to learn about the different roles, how to talk to people, and it builds a lot of connections,” he said. 

SG Budget and Allocations Chair Rohith Kilambi.
SG Budget and Allocations Chair Rohith Kilambi. (Student Government)

As Budget and Allocations chair, Kilambi runs the committee that oversees budget transfers and travel requests, meaning any clubs wanting to travel can request funding for up to $2,000. The committee also hears special travel requests for clubs seeking funding for more than $2,000.  

Kilambi’s committee has funded multiple clubs, including the Osprey Racing club, for about $22,000.  

“I also have my own personal changes I want to see for UNF. Coming from a medical track, I want to see changes in the Health Science field because UNF is a great university and the Health Science field really lacks here, so if we could help that for the students, we could bring more students in and build a better community here,” he said. “And of course, our main priority is to help the student body and serve our students.”  

David Catone – Senate President Pro Tempore 

A veteran member of SG, Catone is a sophomore Pre-Health major and will be transferring to Jacksonville University for Nursing. Catone is currently the acting Interim Senate President. 

One of Catone’s duties consists of managing the Rules and Oversights Committee and serving as the chair of that committee. The committee goes through appointments, title changes and the enforcement of the absence policy. 

SG Senate President Pro Tempore David Catone.
SG Senate President Pro Tempore David Catone. (Student Government)

“I joined SG back in the Fall of 2020 and was appointed as a Senator. I fell in love with Senate, I really liked the dynamics that it had,” he said. “I felt like no other position had the authority that Senate did.” 

When Catone first ran in the Spring election, he authored legislation on Mental Health. After losing the Spring election, Catone was hired as the Lend-A-Wing Director but resigned because he said he missed being a part of the Senate. Catone then ran again and was sworn in as Pro Tempore in the Fall 2021 semester.  

One of the big goals Catone is currently working on is getting Night Caps, a drink cover to prevent drink spiking, handed out to the student body by the upcoming Fall semester.


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