The recent rave over Colleen Hoover

Mallory Pace, Government Reporter

Colleen Hoover is an American author of young adult fiction and romance novels. Hoover is a #1 New York Times bestselling author with over a dozen published novels and series.  

Her range of genres and elaborate writing style resonates with her audience in a unique way. Capturing the attention of millions in recent months, Hoover is a hot topic in the book community, including many UNF students.  

“Within young adult books, I know a lot of people gravitate toward hers because they are easier to read for the people that don’t necessarily like to read,” sophomore Ashlynn Davidson said. 

Davidson has read five of Hoover’s books and places It Ends with Us and Verity at the top of her list. Davidson said that what she likes most about Hoover’s books is the aspect of real and raw emotion. 

While Hoover’s specialty may seem to be romance, other aspects of her books include mystery and thriller, and Davidson said she really appreciates how Hoover adds something more than just romance and the presence of an actual plot line.  

Colleen Hoover next to a screenshot of her book: It ends with us
This combination of photos shows author Colleen Hoover, left, and a cover image for her book “It Ends With Us.” (Chad Griffith/Atria via AP, left, and Atria via AP)

“It’s not just a single genre and not just a single plot line with her books,” Davidson said. 

Sara Crouch graduated from UNF in 2018 with a degree in mass communications and is a fellow Hoover fanatic. Crouch has read seven of Hoover’s books so far, with the end goal of reading all of them. Like Davidson, Crouch has also labeled ‘Verity’ as one of her favorites.  

“I live for books that give you the plot twist you don’t see coming,” Crouch said about Hoover’s book, Verity. “You think you have it all figured out and know where it’s going, and then it smacks you in the face with the biggest plot twist.” 

While Hoover has been publishing books since 2012, a common widespread love for Hoover’s books has been taking social media by storm. 

“In the last two years, I have been seeing her books a lot on social media,” Crouch said. “For me, they’re so quick and easy to read that I’m just flying through her books, so it’s safe to say she’s probably my favorite author right now.” 

What makes Hoover’s books so intriguing among younger readers, especially females, is both her writing style and character development in each book. 

 “You can pretty much relate in some shape or form to most of the characters she creates, and she’s really good at making you want to connect with them,” Crouch said. “All of the female characters she makes are really strong-minded, strong-willed, funny, and I think that relates to a lot of people.” 

Hoover is a talented author with a variety of complex plots, characters, and endings. So, if you’re looking for your next read or have been trying to get into reading, Hoover is a safe place to start.


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