Housing reservations open up: What to know and quick tips

Nathan Turoff, Features Editor

University of North Florida (UNF) students received an email Monday night detailing how, when and where they can make their reservations to move in for the Fall 2022 semester. Here is what you need to know about the move-in process:

Move-in dates are now open for reservation on the Housing portal, accessible through myWings. Each reservation consists of a 15-minute slot for students. Only a limited number of these reservations are given at a time, so be quick to get one as soon as possible to fit it into your schedule better.

 A view of Candy Cane lake from the bridge connecting university dorms with the pathway to the Dining Hall. (Photo courtesy of UNF)

These reservations allow students to move in on their respective dates, which are as follows:

  • Aug. 17 for Living Learning Community (LLC) students in any dorm
  • Aug. 19 for First-year students
  • Aug. 20 for Upper-class students

These reservations are also available on Aug. 21 and 22 for overflow reservations. Once the reservation is processed, students will receive a confirmation email. 

On their chosen move-in day, students must check in at a specific location to receive key card access. The 15-minute timeframe is only for when to check in, not for the total move-in process.

For students living in the Osprey Fountains, their check-in location is the Osprey Fountains front desk. For students at the Osprey Flats, they have to check in at the Flats main office. Students living in any other dorms must check in at the Osprey Clubhouse.

 The Clubhouse (glass doors on the right) and Osprey Cove (brick building on the left). (Photo courtesy of UNF)

The email also recommends that students bring their own alternatives to luggage carts, which are infamously hard to obtain. 

There are many other things many students should bring with them as they move in. A few are listed below.

Command strips are an essential tool for every college student. Command strips make it easy and simple to hang things and take them down when needed, all without damaging walls.

Whether your dorm comes with a microwave or stove—or you’re bringing your own microwave—basic plasticware and utensils are highly recommended for food storage.

Sheets are not included with the beds in the dorms, so be sure to bring your own.


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