How UNF students should prepare for Hurricane Ian

Riley Platt, Sports Editor

With all University of North Florida (UNF) classes now canceled from Wednesday through the end of the week, students should be preparing for Hurricane Ian and the impact it may have on the Jacksonville area.

The University alerted students at 11:25 a.m. Tuesday that campus would be closed from Wednesday, Sept. 28 through Saturday, Oct. 1. UNF plans to be up and running by Sunday, Oct. 2, but this is obviously susceptible to change depending on potential damages.

UNF discourages shelter being taken in University buildings, as they are “not rated as storm shelters and there could be a loss of power,” per a release.

hurricane map
Hurricane Ian’s projected path. Via NOAA.

The University also asks that all electronics be unplugged before leaving campus. Other tips on how to prepare and stay safe during the storm can be found at UNF’s Emergency Management site.

A hurricane can be daunting for college students, especially those who may be new to Florida. However, with proper precaution, many issues can be avoided ahead of time. 

One place to start is knowing your zone. This will serve as a helpful indicator of whether your area is at risk. The UNF campus itself is not located in a specific zone due to its geographic positioning, but those living off-campus should locate their zone, which can be done with this map.

It’s also important that students locate local shelters, if the need arises. 

Gathering supplies is important, but it’s even more important that this is done in a reasonable manner. Hoarding goods only worsens issues, leading to a lack of water and food for others. Many stores will begin closing, so make sure to check in with them prior to making any grocery runs.

For updates, students can visit UNF’s Plans and Procedures information page.


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