Morse issues statement on viral video: “Notice the spelling”

Tiffany Salameh

Zack Morse spoke with Spinnaker and gave this statement concerning a racist video posted to Snapchat Wednesday:

“The situation in question is under investigation by the University, I am not really at liberty to discuss details quite yet but I can say that this entire ordeal is a harsh misunderstanding and more information soon to follow.”

When asked what the misunderstanding was, Morse said to “notice the spelling” of the caption. The caption in the video reads “What actually went on at the BML rally.”

The caption to the video uploaded on snapchat read “BML rally.” Photo courtesy Madisen Smith

“It was not a typo,” Morse said.

Morse was at the Black Lives Matter rally on campus Wednesday. He was counter protesting that “all lives matter, not just black lives.”

Morse would not identify the two males featured in the video and declined to specify exactly what the misunderstanding was in relation to the video.

“It was a misunderstanding and the misunderstanding will come out in the next few days,” Morse said.

He said he was shocked when he saw the video circulating on social media and did not know how it went viral.

When asked if the video was posted by accident or intentionally, Morse declined to comment.


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