Police Beat: JTA Confrontation and Stolen Decal

Sam Chaney

This Is Your Stop

University of North Florida Police Department (UNFPD) arrested Joseph Alexander Menter for battery on Jan. 8 when a dispute on a Jacksonville Transportation Authority (JTA) bus was reported in Lots 9 and 10.

The police report states that the confrontation took place when two female students missed their designated bus stop on campus and instead attempted to exit at the next stop, located near the Osprey Landing.

According to the police report, the suspect, Joseph Alexander Menter, was witnessed speaking aggressively to the two female passengers without provocation. The situation reportedly escalated when Menter began to yell and threaten to kill one of the two young women.

Three witnesses, including the bus driver, told officials that they observed Menter shove one of the female passengers out of the way as he lunged at the other. Menter then reportedly followed them when they exited the bus and he attempted to further pursue the confrontation.

The report states that both Menter and the victims were absent from the scene by the time UNFPD arrived. Witnesses described Menter to officials and he was later found walking on UNF Drive, just north of the bus stop. According to the report, Menter denied ever being on the bus.

The two female passengers were then located and reportedly confirmed Menter’s identity. According to the police report, neither of the victims knew Menter prior to the incident. Neither of them women were injured, according to the report.


Stolen Decal

A UNF staff member contacted UNFPD on Jan. 11 in order to report a stolen expiration decal.

According to the police report, the victim’s vehicle was parked on the first floor of parking garage 44 when he noticed the expiration decal was missing from his license plate at approximately 11:30 a.m.

The victim reportedly always parks in garage 44 for work and last took notice of his decal on Jan. 5.

The victim told officials that he does not know where the incident took place.

The report states that an unknown suspect had removed the expiration decal and left the scene, but no usable video evidence was obtained.

Patrol efforts were suspended due to lack of suspect information.


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