Beaucham appoints Gloria Turner as new VP


Gloria Turner

Colin McCann

On Friday, Jan. 12, Student Body President Thomas Beaucham announced to SG Senate that he has appointed Gloria Turner as the new Student Body Vice President. Turner dove right into her job as acting VP, as she gave a report to Senate.

Turner has been involved with SG as Project Manager since the beginning of the fall semester, and she finished up the semester as Chief of Staff.

Beaucham stated that her position as acting VP began today, and in an interview with Spinnaker, Beaucham said she will “continue current responsibilities of overseeing the staff.”

He further explained that although Turner has a higher title, she will mostly be performing the same tasks she performed as the Chief of Staff. However, in addition to those responsibilities, becoming VP has also made her the chair of the Agency Advisory Board.

The Agency Advisory Board is made up of the executive branch. These individuals have the responsibility of overseeing and advising agency matters, such as Osprey Productions and the Lend-A-Wing Pantry.

Senate does have to approve of the appointment in a majority vote. This vote will likely happen at the next Senate meeting on Jan. 26.