Exclusive with SG President Beaucham


Student Body President Thomas Beaucham

Colin McCann

Although Student Body President Thomas Beaucham didn’t originally set out to be student body president, he has accepted the role wholeheartedly and has not only continued goals set out by the Mims Administration but has set out his own goals as well.

Spinnaker got to sit down with Beaucham to discuss both his plans and his success so far as student body president.

Beaucham stated that the first thing on his agenda is to try to create collaboration between groups, clubs, and Student Government. He believes there are a lot of resources available if they work together. According to Beaucham, events could be larger, more students will have a chance to get involved, and everyone will benefit from it. Beaucham referred to the successful pancake night during finals week, where the collaboration between SG and the library made it possible to reach more students. He hopes future administrations will continue to create these partnerships.

Another goal Beaucham finds important is encouraging more students to get involved in SG. In Senate on Jan. 12, Government Oversight (GO) Chair Kyle Cohen announced that there are 17 open seats in Senate. Additionally, Chief Justice Jocelyne Vasquez said there are currently 4 vacancies in the Judicial Branch. Beaucham said he would also like to see deadlines met and more engagement between students and SG. Beaucham plans to keep students updated on what SG is doing.

“If we are only reaching so many students, then we are not doing our job because we need to reach everyone,” said Beaucham.

The SG President said his biggest accomplishment in 2017 was being able to “bounce back” from all the changes that occurred throughout the semester, and being able to work together and plan for the future.

From the Mims Administration, Beaucham continued the progress of the Lend-A-Wing pantry renovations and the nature trail renovations. According to Beaucham the demolition of the Lend-A-Wing pantry has been completed, and renovations should be completed in February. The nature trail renovations have finished as well. However, Beaucham said the trails will not be open until the end of February or the beginning of March due to prepping.

Beaucham went on to talk about future events he has planned for students.

On Feb. 1, SG will be hosting an event before the women’s basketball game against the Florida Gulf Coast Eagles.There will be fire pits for students to gather around and SG will be handing out buttons and stress relieving foam “brains”.

SG will also be working with Campus Life for Twisted Tuesdays. Beaucham said SG would like to make their weekly creative activities “more oriented towards mental health” for Mental Health Awareness Month.

Beaucham plans to have a meeting to discuss concerns about parking. The meeting will also cover surveillance in the garages and lots. He hopes instances can be resolved or avoided in the future with the help of surveillance.

“There have been situations where camera footage would have been useful,” said Beaucham.

According to Beaucham, the meeting will also focus on shuttle stops and times. The Town Center shuttles run for less time than the campus shuttles, and it makes getting to the Town Center difficult for students who don’t have a car.

As student body president, Beaucham gets to sit in on the Board of Trustees and he has been able to discuss with them block tuition, a new major in the Psychology Department, and the University Presidential Search.

Dates will be released for upcoming forums which will give students the chance to ask the presidential candidates questions. Beaucham said he wants students to attend in order to get different perspectives. He believes deciding the next president is important, as he or she could be in office for over ten years.


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